Wheel Balancing & Alignment Epping

Satguru Motors is the best car mechanic shop that provides the perfect wheel balancing and alignment in Epping. Wheel alignment is the key factor that ensures the best performance out of your car tyres.

Latest cars are coming with more powerful and modern suspensions and the wheel alignments can be achieved through a modern alignment system only. We have an automated workshop that is equipped with the latest and the powerful wheel alignment system in Epping.

There are two types of wheel alignments which include:

Thrust Alignment:

In this alignment, the front wheels are aligned with the reference created by the rear wheels. This creates a significant improvement in the car’s alignment and increases the stability of the drive.

Total Four-Wheel Alignment

In this process, the individual rear toe is measured and adjusted according to the factory specifications. The front wheels are then aligned according to the thrust line. This alignment results in all four wheels being parallel and steering wheel and geometry being centered.

When is Wheel Alignment Needed?

A wheel alignment service is needed if you observe the following:

  • when your car ‘pulls’ to one side of the road while driving or braking
  • when driving straight the steering wheel is off centre
  • your tyres wear unevenly
  • your tyres wear out more quickly
  • poor handling when driving
  • the car feels unstable or wanders from side to side (this requires urgent action)
  • when turning, your tyres screech

Why Satguru Motors?

Satguru Motors is one of the most advanced workshops that has the best wheel alignment system available in Epping. Our car mechanics are well trained and experienced in measuring your wheel alignment in fractions of degrees using specialized equipment. We ensure the best service, leaving you with a peace of mind.

Call us or visit us to get the perfect wheel balancing and alignment for your car in Epping.